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Important, please follow all instructions carefully.

The body should be relaxed. Person getting measured should stand erect without shoulders slouching. Head should be held high @ 90 degrees.

It’s important that the measurements should be taken while the person is only wearing a t-shirt and underwear, or racing undersuit.

Measuring with shirt and trousers may offset the measurement. The natural waistline should be established by tying a string around the waist.

This should be done at the beginning before initiating measurement.

*All below is required for suits.

A1. HEIGHT: Measure from head top to foot (V) without shoes.

A: BACK LENGTH: Measure from back bone from nap of neck to waist beltline.

B: CROSS SHOULDER: Measurement from one shoulder bone to other shoulder bone.

C: SHOULDER SLOPE: Measure from the base of neck to the shoulder bone.

D: CHEST: Place the tape over the arms around the body at chest level. ( make sure that the tape passes over the shoulder blades).

E. WAIST: Measure at the position of the string. Without holding the breath.

F. SLEEVE STRAIGHT: Measure from shoulder bone to wrist bone.

G. BICEPS: Measure the top arm round in bend position.

H. FOREARM: Measure the fullest part of the lower arm(approx 1 1/2 inches below bend of elbow).


I. WRIST TO ELBOW: Measure from wrist bone to elbow bone (at bend)

J. WRIST: Measure wrist at position of wrist bone.

K. COLLAR: Measure easily around the neck.

L. OUTSIDE LEG: Measure from the waist beltline to anklebone. Point E to T distance.

M. INSIDE LEG: Measure from high in the crotch to anklebone


N. WAIST TO KNEE:Measure from waist beltline from center of Knee joint.

O. KNEE TO ANKLE. Measure from center of knee joint to anklebone (Point R to T distance)

P. UPPER THIGH: Measure 1 1/2" below crotch under fullest part of leg.

Q. LOWER THIGH: Measure 7 1/2" below crotch under fullest part of leg.

R. KNEE: Measure around fullest part of knee joint

S. CALF: Measure 4" below knee around fullest part lower leg

T. ANKLE: Measure just above ankle bone

U. SEAT: Measure around the fullest part of the seat 8" down from the waist*

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